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Bristol 2005 - Terpsichorean Lexicographer's Mugwump Brood

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IMGP1702 Sophia and Mifti IMGP1703 Real fire poi IMGP1705 Statue of liberty IMGP1706 The strong arm of the law
IMGP1707 Steve pleads for a refill IMGP1708 Whu-PAH! IMGP1712 Lissajous' fringes, or something   IMGP1713 Can't fuel ambition
IMGP1715 Teapot IMGP1717 The first of what is undoubtedly already far too many group hoop shots IMGP1718 The Elvis leg IMGP1721 See what I mean? And this is the edited selection!
IMGP1724 The loneliness of the 3 low runner IMGP1725 Poise IMGP1729 Wired IMGP1731 Zombie stance
IMGP1732 Equilibrium disturbed IMGP1736 Giantess, honest IMGP1739 To the victor, the spoils IMGP1740 The return of ObDodgy
IMGP1741 Calm catch IMGP1742 Stacked and loaded IMGP1755 Ungraspable IMGP1756 Pastoral tumble
IMGP1758 The Derby is held up IMGP1759 Go away, and take your bloody hoop with you IMGP1760 Shadows of the evening crawl across the floor IMGP1764 Two-gun Rob terrorises a windsock
IMGP1765 Hard times, Rachel, honest IMGP1768 Reciprocation IMGP1770 Out on the edges they're mixing the colours IMGP1772 Poles apart
IMGP1776 Bonding IMGP1777 Those are MY Juniper bushes! IMGP1779 Hairy's 12-year constant companion finally is exorcised IMGP1781 Unflappable
IMGP1782 Dur, dur, d'etre un jongleur IMGP1785 Je ne regrette Rianne IMGP1786 Anyone remember The Lurkers? IMGP1787 Clunk click every trip

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