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Void's Bristol 2004 Pics

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"Haiiii-YA!!!!" in a David Carradine-stylee.JPG "Judy" in a Cary Grant voice (for no good reason at all).JPG 'Breakdance on the street'.JPG 'Ello Sailor!.JPG
'Gigglifficus!' said Harry.JPG A fistful of foose.JPG A slightly longer exposure to accentuate the spin, perhaps? Next time.....JPG Acro.JPG
Angie and Dimitri.JPG Avenged for 2002.JPG Balloonahoop.JPG Blazer.JPG
Boku wa sanpunkan hero ni naritai desu!.JPG Brockian ultra-krikkit.JPG Bunches getting out of hand.JPG Cartwheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!l.JPG
Catatonic hypno-hooping.JPG Chi chi wa pengin des.JPG Cleetus the slack-jawed yokel.JPG Cruel And Unusual Torture.JPG
Dan makes life hard for himself.JPG Deckchair abuse.JPG Definitely not the cold shoulder, i'd say.JPG Deserted Durham Demesne.JPG
Detritus.JPG Don't tell Anna.JPG Double balance.JPG Drill Sergeant.JPG
Drugs are cool.JPG Earthquake.JPG Easily distracted by chocolate.JPG Elbow bones, but no racketeers.JPG
Eponymous props.JPG Eventual winners on the left, dark unfluffy clouds above.JPG Ewan gets an F in the Popping class.JPG Extreme stuff workshop.JPG
Faster than a speeding angular momentum.JPG Fellow hoop-relay winner.JPG Flip.JPG Flowery.JPG
For some bizarre inexplicable reason, this pic makes me think 'Don Quixote'.JPG From the ground up.JPG Gladiators Champion.JPG Grant double curls.JPG
Hairy ponders the fine line between poi and yo-yo.JPG Half-way handsticks.JPG Hat rocket launch mid-air catch action.JPG He came, he tangled, he left. Dedication!.JPG
He's got two short legs, one of them square.JPG High pressure tense moments.JPG Hoopfest.JPG How come the top of the kingpole looks like it's in front of him, but the bottom..... .JPG
How'd you get that grass in your hair, Ash?.JPG Hula Races.JPG I HAVE THE.... Oh bugger, no i don't.JPG I think i can see Maureen's point of view.JPG
I wouldn't trust him if i were you, Laura.JPG If that's the Hokey Cokey, I'm a Dutchman.JPG If your nose runs, and your feet smell..... you're upside down!.JPG In a mad world, only the mad are sane.JPG

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