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BJC 2005 - The Long Miles Back

12 years in the waiting.JPG Accuracy.jpg Ah, but the ol' magic's still there, kids!.jpg Allusions to the octal sphere.jpg
Am i too late for "Places of Traderism?".jpg Andy lives in fear of Nina.jpg Balu's bizarre behind-back bunging.jpg Banner L.jpg
Banner M.jpg Banner R.jpg Bring me the shoes of Alfredo Garcia.JPG Bubblicious.JPG
Cage that tiger before he eats you whole.jpg Complete twat.JPG Conquistador.JPG Covert operations.jpg
Dejeuner sur l'herbe.JPG Don't tell him it makes his hair flick.JPG Eeked out.JPG Eighth out of frrame, D'oh!.jpg
Everybody knows my needs, but no-one needs my nose.JPG Fifty P in the slot machine - a prize every time!.jpg Flagellation.JPG Good and Evil get the finger.JPG
Guilt.jpg Hardcore Cat's Cradle.JPG He's been to all the BJCs, y'know..JPG Her heart's in the right place (behind the yo-yo).JPG
His feet must be icecold on that floor.jpg Inconceivable!.jpg Inim?.jpg Jubilant.jpg
Kinky.JPG Kristian worship.jpg Leading lines.jpg Legless.jpg
Life on the ranch.jpg Lobachevsky's fourth postulate on the inadequacies of conventional prime number theory.jpg My Mind! My Mind! My Mind!.JPG Near standing ovation.JPG
Neophyte triumphal.JPG New results are in from COBE.JPG Nice piece o' tail.JPG Old masters and young pretenders.jpg
One-man Mexican wave.JPG Or you could NOT grimace at the camera..... the choice really is yours.jpg Pick a card. Pick a Card! PICK A CARD!!!!.JPG Pugilism.jpg
Rain of terror.JPG Rocker.JPG S-fan staircase.jpg Sartorial alien.JPG
Simon's circular striding.JPG Spot the club.jpg Spun out.JPG Strung out.jpg
Stuntman and friends.JPG Suicidal Tendancies.JPG Sure, I could've used the one with the hat in shot, but where's the fun in that?.jpg The expected abyssmal weather predictably failed to arrive.JPG
The stresses are beginning to show.jpg The Young Lady.JPG Uncrowned.JPG Vertax - "Call it by its name, Stew!".jpg
Wah wah wild Youth.JPG When I die, send me to snake heaven.jpg Yogic flying.JPG Yours for a mere tenner.jpg

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