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Void's BCJC Pics

"Service!".JPG "Tongue", they call him.JPG 3 Horizontal Diabolos!.JPG 9 A.M..JPG
and then, to fit the 3rd ball in.....JPG At least it's not up his arse.JPG At the third stroke.....JPG Balance, shuffle, moonshot.JPG
Bounce Gladitators.JPG Cliff.JPG Fat Head.JPG He snores, y'know.JPG
Mike aborts.JPG Mike's fake triumphalism.JPG Moochers.JPG Nathan CND?.JPG
Nathan's Rocket.JPG Nigel and Mamphy.JPG One down, 4 to go.JPG Rich5c.JPG
Rob reaches.JPG Sam5b.JPG Seán shuffles.JPG Smiley Stoney.JPG
This is a stick-up.JPG Tim flaps for take-off.JPG Volleyclub out of shot.JPG

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