Formed a band, we formed a band” – Art Brut
Reformed a band, accidentally reformed a band (that I was never in)” – Me
The short version of the story: I used to go and see The Trudy play fairly often in the late 80s. Time passed, and in 2004, I ran into the singer at a party. Went home, had a nostalgic re-listen, and then searched the net for them. Found nothing. So I made a fan site. After a bit, the band decided to reform, and so I got to hear some great new music by them. Coo. And cool.
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Here’s my October crossword for you. I’ll be impressed if anyone gets the theme. πŸ™‚ This puzzle will be group-solved on Sunday by the #CrypticSunday crew on , so tune in at noon (my puzzle will be the 2nd one solved) there if you want to watch or join in. Or just dive straight in yourself. Scroll down for an embedded browser-solvable version.
Answers/explainers will be posted next week. click for the rest

A few years ago I joined in on a hashtag joke on Twitter.

(You had to be there.) Someone followed me because of it, and I followed back ‘cos they seemed interesting. I even ended up buying her book. Earlier this year, I was wondering what to theme my next crossword on, and that book was next to me at the time, so… why not? My original intention was to put lots of theme words into the grid, Continue Reading

Here’s a new cryptic crossword puzzle from me, called “Pig’s in…”. Right-click to download a printable png, or scroll down for an in-browser solvable version.
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