Cryptish Crossword November 2018

[Edit: This is one of my early crosswords, where the clue “surfaces” don’t always make sense. Links may now be broken. Sorry about all that. 🙂 While my March-Sept 2019 puzzles are just about okay, they may have the odd sketchy surface, or unlovely grid. For “proper” cryptic puzzles, skip to October 2019 and onwards.]

Well, I might not be getting much feedback, but at least I’m still enjoying setting crosswords. I also started following a few more setters and crossword bloggers on twitter. Hmmm, there’s a hell of a lot of crossword talk out there. I’m not sure how interested I am in reading it though. I suppose I’ll get sucked in, and I’d better be ready to admit that I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Meanwhile, here’s another one with a £5 bounty for charity. As I type, the prize is currently still available, so go get it, follow and retweet. Then solve it!


Solution one week after the 5th RT happens.

Right, that’s this blog up to date. Give me a shout on twitter if any of this is of any interest.