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The Void
Professional Juggler

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The Void is a professional juggler based in the UK.

Armed with bright pink props and a sense of fun, The Void presents a technically high skill level of juggling tricks mixed with equal measures of daftness and bemusement at the weirdness of the everyday. The public are brought in on the act too, whether it be having a go with a swiftly de-pocketed 'skill toy', helping out with a hat trick, or becoming an essential element in the Five Ball Vanish routine.

Balls, clubs, knives, diabolo, hats, yo-yo, kendama, devil stick, shaker cups, stilts, hacky sack, plates, cigar boxes, fire and luminescent props all bow down to The Void's dominion (Who wrote this rubbish?).

Walkabout, workshops or shows.
Parties, fun days, fêtes, schools, trade shows, product launches, training courses, street shows, shopping centres, cabarets, restaurants, weddings, etc...

Applause, smiles, heckles and laughter all figure in one of The Void's shows; sometimes amongst the audience too.
Book him for your event, precisely because he doesn't take himself seriously!

The Void is a full Equity member.

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