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Japan 2017 - Trying, Laughing, Managing, Bedridden

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00001_I'll be the judge of that 00002_Bon - yum 00003_Venus (maybe) rising before the East Siberian dawn 00004_Shuttlecocks
00005_Su Lab 00006_Su and coffee and kens 00007_Su presents 00008_Jumbos
00009_Brought to her knees 00010_Weight 00011_Yamagata Koubou 00012_Umetsu-san
00013_Stringing 00014_Kens 00015_Tamas 00016_Museum
00017_Nakanishi-san and cabinet 00018_Fades 00019_Display 00020_Process
00021_Slides 00022_Rack 00023_Rack again 00024_Shoe shuffle
00025_Panel 00026_Eighth time lucky - finallly 00027_Phew 00028_Supper celebration
00029_Pose 00030_Maruishi-san 00031_Delicate 00032_Softly does it
00033_Presentation 00034_Beginning 00035_Matsunaga-san 00036_
00037_ 00038_ 00039_Pairs 00040_Verifying
00041_Yano family 00042_Pose 00043_Tensui 00044_
00045_ 00046_ 00047_ 00048_Sakai-san

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