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Chocfest 2008 - Thoughtfully Loaned Massive Bed

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DSCF1661 You don't need a candle in that sunlight, hon DSCF1662 So, let me get this straight - it's not round, and it has a DSCF1664 Amusing growth DSCF1667 The inexorable urge to devour nature
DSCF1673 Golden DSCF1675 Pour your misery down on me DSCF1681 Tea AND biscuits?! DSCF1682 Pink van driver
DSCF1683 Flora DSCF1685 Ivyed headstone colonade DSCF1686 Hair fun 1 DSCF1689 Hair fun 2
DSCF1691 Hair fun 3 DSCF1695 Hair fun 4 DSCF1697 Hair bear bunch DSCF1702 Minutiae
DSCF1703 Happy snappy

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