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Chocfest X : Void's-eye view

All-out war.JPG An Englishwoman's home is her CAKE!!!!!.JPG Angle? Poise!.JPG Answers on a postcard to Lorri, RAS,.....JPG
Bullet-time boy.JPG Clever boys.JPG Clever lass(oo).JPG Contenders.JPG
Cryin' won't help you, cryin' won't do you no good.JPG Dance, monkey, dance!.JPG Do you feel lucky, punk?.JPG Dreadful.JPG
Fanboy.JPG Flawed.JPG Fred & Siobhan.JPG Fred karate-chops in Oxy corner.JPG
Gorilla?.JPG Grumpy gets knotted.JPG Guille.JPG Hey mister, why've you got your hand on your head?.JPG
Holland-York-Holland. What a great songwriting team.JPG I am just a poor boy and my story's seldom told.JPG I've seen the future and it will be.JPG In search of lunch.JPG
It's a long way from York to Crawley.JPG It's rude to point!(Falacious platitude number 9).JPG It's so funny, how we don't taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk anymore.JPG John, mid-suicide.JPG
Juggle, or have a nice lay down? Tough choice.JPG L33t f|21d93 b|2ag.JPG Library corner.JPG Loopy.JPG
Lucasian professor of Dynamics.JPG Miles from the hoop.JPG Naomi's stylish footwear.JPG Nice placement, Dave - Right in front of Stoney's face!.JPG
Nine by the next convention, please guys.JPG Oi! Get your face out of my camera!.JPG Pan up for 5th club.JPG Panhandlers.JPG
Pink passing.JPG Red club levitates.JPG Ropey.JPG Someone's been to Pass-Out then....JPG
Splendid isolation.JPG Star.AVI The Joy of Juggling (or whatever your name is).JPG To do with a dress, allegedly.JPG
TP's scared of little girls, doo-dah, doo-dah.JPG Unindicted co-conspirator.JPG When we grow up, we want to be basketball players.JPG Why on earth are they using those clubs, when they could be using those lovely pink ones on the floor?.JPG
Worse shirt than Zanzibar.JPG Yes, i am taking your photo.JPG You are Tutenkamun, AICMFP!.JPG Your mother knits socks in Hull.JPG

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